Monday, April 4, 2011

Thanks to the OSR!


So, I'm pretty floored right now by how welcoming the OSR is. (Yeah, I know we have some pretty serious drama too- I've been lurking the blogs for years.) First Sham totally answers my question with a blog post of his own…

And now Cyclopeatron makes a post about this blog… when I left home this morning I had three followers and when I came home this evening I discovered that I now have 25… leveling me up from Newbie to Commentator. If I remember correctly, you're not supposed to be able to level more than one level in a day…

So, thank you to my original three followers, and thank you to my new followers, and thank you to however many of you have subscribed to by blog with a reader instead of following (like I do), and thank you to the big-time bloggers that have been kind to me, and thank you to the gamers at the last SoCal Minicon who helped me learn and confirmed for me that I "got it" and thank you to those who have commented…

We may have our moments of drama, but sometimes this OSR is a pretty awesome community to be a part of. So thanks for making it that way.


  1. Seems like you have started a new movement! You're going to have Grognardlings reporting from all over pretty soon. Best get ready to rally the troops :)

  2. Welcome to the pleasuredome!

    Word Ver: epukin - what happens when e drinks too much.

  3. The new generation is rising up!

  4. It's a pleasure to find neat new blogs to follow, G. You've got some great stuff here, so I'm more than happy to read along. Keep up the great work!

  5. Well, welcome to the monkey house! :)