Saturday, December 31, 2022

Rebooting with Dungeon23

 Hello everyone. I'm back.

A lot has happened over the last… 10 years? Most of which isn't relevant to this blog.

What IS relevant to this blog is that I'm typing this as I'm waiting to see if anyone shows up early for a game I'm about to run for my brother-in-law, my best friend, his wife, and their daughter.

I haven't run a campaign since I let this blog die ten years ago, and I've only run a handful of games in the last decade. I'm probably rusty, I'm nervous, and I'm also excited. I remember that just because one game session doesn't go awesome doesn't mean that the next one won't be awesome.

But I don't plan on talking too much about the games I'll be running. Instead, I plan to publish my participation in Dungeon23 here. Just one room a day. That sounds really good. Let's see what happens.