Sunday, January 8, 2023

Dungeon23 8/365: Giant Ants

Room 8

This room is used as a graveyard by the giant ants on Level 2. The giant ants have traces of gold in their carapaces. There is a 1/8 chance that a scavenger is consuming or removing a giant ant corpse. If so, roll 1d6:

  1. Mushroom people from Room 5, working to haul a carcass away. They would appreciate help. If the party helps, roll for random encounters twice as often until the party bathes – the smell of ant death attracts more attention. On the other hand, the mushroom people will be grateful.
  2. A rust monster, nibbling at the gold in a dead ant's carapace.
  3. A carrion crawler.
  4. 2d4 tunnel prawn
  5. A carrion moth
  6. A gelatinous cube
Unless bothered, each of these scavengers (other than the mushroom people) will only pay attention to the party on a 1/10.

Random Encounter

A giant ant scout. Normal, except for gold tracing throughout carapace. Will not attack, but may steal something or someone vulnerable and scurry back to the nest on Level 2, possibly returning with reinforcements.

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