Sunday, July 3, 2011

Post-Play Ramblings

Ran a solo game on Friday, since my other two players couldn't make it. That actually worked out nicely, as this player, Flynn, had a character that was about to level. This character, named Guy, has been roleplayed as a pious follower of the Gnomish mole-god of Justice that Flynn invented, named Gnomistevala (I'm never sure of the spelling), even though Guy is a fighter, so I decided that now was as good a time as any to give Guy a prestige class as a Paladin.

I took the desecrated, abandoned temple setting from Greg Gillespie of Discourse and Dragon's One Page Dungeon Contest entry. It's set up so that players can "re-boot" the worship of a forgotten god, so I decided that I would switch out the identity of the god to Gnomistevala and just have it be an ancient, abandoned temple, without the forgotten god bit. It worked well I think. Guy killed a Water Weird that was being worshiped by the boglings, rescued a kidnapped kid they were planning to eat, discovered a magic dagger (Guy used daggers to fight- it goes with his get-up, which is exactly what V wears, down to the mask- Flynn is probably the most gonzo of my players) connected with Gnomistevala and then discovered a secret door behind which there was a statue of Gnomistevala that he bowed before and was commissioned, in a trance, by Gnomistevala to become a Paladin.

I'm looking forward to what Flynn does with this.

(Also, after that spurt of work on the Scoundrel, posting will probably be lighter for a bit, both because I'm compiling everything onto one document and because I'm taking a semi-break, house-sitting two dogs, catching up on blogs, etc. I'm still here.)

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  1. "Gnomish mole-god of Justice"

    That right there is a thing of beauty. During our session today the topic of gnomes came up. Someone asked if they existed and I said, "Hell yes. The old school gnomes are radical. They have big noses, play tricks on people, mine for gems and talk to giant, tunneling rodents."

    I miss the old school gnomes. They got kind of, well, "different" with later iterations of the game.