Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toys for Tots

So, ChicagoWiz's gaming blog is finally closing down. For those who are newer to the OSR blogosphere, ChicagoWiz was much more active in the past – I'd rank him among the "elders" of the OSR like Maliszewski and Rients – but, for various reasons, he's been much quieter of late. I'd like to write a long post about how much ChicagoWiz influenced my gaming and helped introduce me to the OSR, but when I suggested doing that on his blog he said that he'd be more comfortable if this was kept low key, and I'm going to honor that request.

One thing that he is OK with me doing, though, is talking about his Toys for Tots drive. Basically, the deal is that we donate money through PayPal, he goes out and buys toys for kids who might not get presents for Christmas otherwise, rides in a motorcycle parade where every motorcyclist brings toys to donate, and then gives the toys to Toys for Tots. His explanation for this year is here, his longer explanation from last year is here, the parade he'll ride in is here, the official "About Us" of Toys for Tots is here, and here's his post with pictures and a receipt from last year to prove that this is all legit.

If you've been influenced by ChicagoWiz's blogging, please donate as a "thank you" to him for what he's done for the OSR. If you're new enough on the scene not to be familiar with ChicagoWiz, go check out his blog; except for a few "best of" posts, they won't be up for long, so be sure you do so soon. Then, once you have an appreciation for what he's contributed, and how you've probably gotten some ideas or resources, please donate to his Toys for Tots drive. Please also post about ChicagoWiz's toy drive on your own blog or any other way you maintain a presence in the OSR blogosphere. Let's give ChicagoWiz the send-off he deserves with more toys than he can carry!


  1. Thank you very much for the kind words and passing along the T4T message, as well as your own generous donation. That's really awesome!

  2. This is the part where the grown man cries. Over $350 collected in fundraising for Chicagoland Toys for Tots, with both auctions and direct donations. THANK YOU!!! YOU ROCK!!!