Wilderness Encounter List

This page, even more than my monster tables pages, is a work in progress. I eventually want to have tables for most terrain types, but for now this will be just a list. I recommend the One Page Wilderness System (further explained here) for running encounters during a wilderness hex-crawl.

1. Sloth of Death/Tree Wilden (from The Lands of Ara)
2. Hunter Beetles (from One Winged Wyrm)
3. Rosenwulf (from Hamsterish Hoard)
4. False Unicorn (from Hamsterish Hoard)
5. Lindwurm (from Hamsterish Hoard)
6. Verdant Mantid (from Hamsterish Hoard)
7. Bririt (from Hamsterish Hoard)
8. Oojeni (from Hamsterish Hoard)
9. Thief-of-Hues (from Hamsterish Hoard)
10. K'kithil (from Hamsterish Hoard)
11. Deathcluck (from Hamsterish Hoard)
12. Grink (from Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets)
13. Killer Blink Frogs (from Old Guard Gaming Accoutrements)
14. Crocaparrots (from Old Guard Gaming Accoutrements)
15. Timekine (from The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
16. Roostercat (from Hack & Slash)
17. 5d4 Pilgrims (from Blood of Prokopius)